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What I have learned from my barber regarding customer relationship

Emir Selimovic
2 min readDec 24, 2022


This summer, I had a truly remarkable moment. After two years of visiting the same barber, I called to schedule an appointment, and after a few seconds, I heard a voice on the other line that said:

“Hi Emir, how are you today?”

I was taken aback, my mind racing to wonder how it could be that the barber knew my name? I couldn’t believe it, and I was filled with a sense of awe and amazement that he could recognize me when calling him.

It was an exciting moment and one that I will not soon forget.

Since I can remember, he always greeted his customers warmly and enthusiastically as soon as they entered the barber shop, and it was abundantly clear that he truly cared about his customers.

I had an appointment with him last week, and he welcomed me in with a smile and offered me a chair to sit in. He asked how I was feeling that day, he already knew what kind of cut I wanted and didn’t need to ask. From that point on, there was nothing but silence between us.

I couldn’t help but fall into some thoughts while I was sitting there.

How did I even get to this point? When did I tell him my name? How did he remember what I wanted each time I came in?

I was filled with a sense of admiration and awe for the unique bond that he had created with his customers. He had an ability to make people feel welcomed, valued, and appreciated, which is a rare commodity these days.

And then things came together.

You need an appointment, so he writes down your name.

One day he must have saved my phone number under my name.

The next time I called, he was sure it was me so that he could greet me directly.

He always asks how I am feeling, he also memorized my haircut.

And I like silence when getting my hair cut, it’s pure wellness for me — no talking, just relaxing. He also recognized this behavior, that’s why he always starts with a short small talk and then lets me enjoy the moment.

This was a learning for me. Those are super simple steps but can define your customer relationship. I am one of many customers, but still, he knows how to treat me individually to make me a happy customer. He handles customer relationships well.

Take care of your customers as my barber does.

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