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The second ‘S’ in ‘SaaS’ is the important one: outstanding customer service.

Emir Selimovic
2 min readJan 10, 2023


Good customer service is of paramount importance for any business, but especially for SaaS companies due to their unique subscription model. Providing excellent customer service is essential for SaaS companies to gain and retain customers, as it impacts the customer’s satisfaction with the product.

Furthermore, good customer service helps to build trust and loyalty between the customer and the company, leading to increased customer retention and improved customer experience. As such, SaaS companies should prioritize delivering quality customer service that is both proactive and responsive to customer needs, in order to guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customers pay for ongoing access to the product rather than just a one-time purchase.

Therefore, SaaS companies must ensure that their customers are satisfied with the product and the service they receive.

There are several reasons why good customer service is important for SaaS companies:

  1. Customer retention: Good customer service can help SaaS companies retain their customers. If customers have a positive experience with the company’s product and customer service, they are more likely to continue using the product and renew their subscriptions.
  2. Positive word of mouth: Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend the product to others. This can help SaaS companies attract new customers and grow their business with low marketing costs.
  3. Improved reputation: Providing excellent customer service can help improve a SaaS company’s reputation, leading to more customers and business.
  4. Increased customer satisfaction: Good customer service can help increase customer satisfaction, leading to increased loyalty and customer retention.

In summary, good customer service is an essential component for any successful SaaS company. It can help to increase customer retention by ensuring that customers are able to get their issues resolved quickly and efficiently. Additionally, providing excellent customer service can help to attract new customers, as word-of-mouth can be a powerful tool for gaining new users.

On top of this, maintaining a good reputation is important for any business and providing good customer service can help to do this. Finally, customer satisfaction is an important factor, and providing great customer service can help to ensure that customers are happy with the product or service that they are using. Ultimately, customer service is a key factor in the success of any SaaS company.

In the end, the service can be the difference in why some products achieve product-market fit and others don’t.

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