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How to take your business online

1. Get a domain name

  • Keep it short: Make sure people can remember you domain even if they just saw it for 5 seconds on an ad.
  • Make it easy to type and spell: Avoid unusual spellings and complicated words.
  • Include keywords: Use words that people might enter when searching for your type of business in the internet. You want to be one of the top-hits on Google when someone is looking for your expertise.
  • Pick the right extension: Using and industry or geo-specific domain name ending (the part that comes after the “dot”) might be a strong fit for your business.

2. Plan your website

3. Pick your designer

4. Create valuable content

  • How did you get started and who are you?
  • What do you tell customers about your business?
  • How do you explain to friends how you make a living?
  • What problem can you solve for your customers, as only you can?

5. Get your website found

What is SEO?



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Emir Selimovic

Emir Selimovic


CEO of Dotbite. Writing about scalable business models, SaaS products and leadership in bootstrapped companies.