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How I manage reading two books (or more) per month

People often ask me, how I manage reading so many books while growing my own company and having a busy everyday life. It’s quite simple and I want to share my experience with you.


The first time I really enjoyed reading was five years ago. I read a great novel and I thought “wow, this is how fun reading can be”. Then I moved on to the next one, and the next one, and the next one… Suddenly reading wasn’t that funny anymore for me. I read so many novels, that it became boring, even if I read a really good book.

Setting reading goals

Through the time I noticed that I’m a person who has to have goals and checkmark them after achieving. It’s quite funny, but it works so well with myself. Every sunday I set up personal goals for the following week. Mostly there are about five goals. A goal could be something like “set up your new gym plan” or “draw two illustrations on Adobe Illustrator”.

Making reading a habit

This point is key! I heard it so many times: “Yeah I tried, but I really got no time for reading right now” or “Reading just isn’t something for me”. Bulls#*/!


Do not underestimate the joy of reading. I would absolutely lie if I would say I read a book every two weeks since five years. Nope!

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