Things change, and so do we. What started in the kitchen of a student flat is now an aspiring business with a team of eleven young, innovative, and motivated individuals (and we’re still looking for reinforcements, apply now). timebite gave us the chance to grow as people, entrepreneurs, and employers, but it’s not the only center of our attention anymore. Our spectrum has broadened a lot in the last few years. The name change represents just that. Hello Dotbite!

Broadening the spectrum

timebite has grown big over the years. We have more than 13,000 registered users in 50 universities. Over half a million tracked hours in 20,000 courses (and counting!) prove the platform’s continuously high demand. Our satisfied B2B clients also show that timebite is an excellent tool for businesses in the war for talent.


The pandemic hit us hard. Our business model built heavily on EduTech, and all the universities just closed their doors. ECTS evaluation for universities took a backseat as they struggled to digitalize their courses, while students didn’t need learning tips for canceled courses and exams.

New Horizons

This attention meant the world to us. It put us on the map for one of the most exciting projects a young coding agency could ask: the Corona self-testing kits from LEAD Horizon.

Connecting the dots

So why Dotbite? The “bite” part is an obvious throwback to our first project timebite. The “dot” just sounds very internet.

The future

Is ours. We have lots of exciting projects to come. Get in touch!

Dotbite | Connecting the dots

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