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Do we really need this tool?

Emir Selimovic
2 min readNov 15, 2022


Stop building your own workarounds. Buy that tool!

Because in the end, it will save you time. And as mentioned in one of my previous posts — time is money, we all know that.

But let’s start from the beginning.

The Beginning

Often, companies find themself in a position where a process isn’t running that smoothly or something is missing to make execution better or faster.

Then, companies often start building their own tools, products, or workarounds to solve a given problem or challenge.

Instead, they should do something different. They should simply google the problem. And guess what? On the first page, you will often find dozens of tools already built and offered to you.

You can then check if any of them fit your needs and, if not, you can build your own. But, before that, you should take a look at existing tools.

Implement it

The only thing you got to do now is to implement it in your processes and enjoy a service-provided tool.

Such tools can be expensive. You will find yourself asking, “do we need this?” You wouldn’t have gotten to this point, google searching for a solution or, even worse, building one on your own in the first place. So it looks like you do; you need this tool.

Remember to compare costs and value. Try it out if you think the tool will solve unproductive challenges in your processes or add value to your teamwork.

If you are still open to other options, you can try out a free tool. There are many of them out there that offer solutions for different needs, so take your time and find the one that suits your needs best.

Many tools out there have a freemium or free trial period anyways.

Our Learning

Learning from our side: When you buy a tool for your whole team, always choose one team member to implement it. Don’t let it do more than one person. One team member should set up everything for the team and then do a quick briefing in the next meeting. This will also save you time and possibly many nerves.

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