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3 reasons why requirements engineering is so essential

Emir Selimovic
2 min readNov 25, 2022


Maybe you’ve been in such a situation once. Great idea, everything seems super clear, you start working, and suddenly, after you put in weeks of work, you are miles away from the product you wanted to develop.

Requirements engineering before starting the development is key.

I’ll tell you 3 reasons why:

1- you have a clear vision of what problem your product should solve. By asking the right questions, you can define a very clear strategy.

2- you don’t over-engineer your MVP. This is such an important point. An MVP can be defined very well in a requirements engineering workshop.

3- you don’t lose time and money. By knowing where you want to go and what your MVP and further iterations should look like, you can prioritize resources clearly and focus on the essential things first.

Take your moment before getting going. Think about all the requirements, and pick the most important ones. Turn them into a great MVP, and validate your idea. Collect feedback, and iterate.

This will save you tons of time. And money.

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