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We have surveyed student needs in relation to employers during the current Covid-19 crisis on our platform timebite. We wanted to know what young professionals really need right now and how companies can shift their employer branding strategy, so that they have even more chances in the so called war for talents.

About the participants

  • 79% of them were between 18–24 years old, the other 21% were over the age of 24.
  • Among the participants, there were 68% female and 32% male students.
  • 75% are studying…

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Many businesses start with a simple presence on a Facebook business page or an Site-Builder. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just important to realize that you don’t have total control over those platforms and you’ll likely be limited in terms of what you can do there. Plus, most ecommerce marketplace sites take a cut of your sales.

Here, we want to share some elements which you should pay attention when building your new online presence.

1. Get a domain name

Your domain is the part of your website address that comes after the www. Something like this:

For a business, a domain…

Photo by Matthias Jaidl
Photo by Matthias Jaidl
Photo by Matthias Jaidl

We are dotbite, an IT-company that designs and builds any kind of software with our own software products specifically designed for the higher education sector. As for many businesses, Covid-19 was a huge shock for us. From one day to the other universities were closed and classes and exams did not take place anymore. All of this left us with doubts about the future of our business and questions, we never hoped to be forced to deal with.

Despite all this, our team did not allow itself to be discouraged and decided to make the best out of this situation…

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In the past we’ve often seen some unnecessary mistakes on websites and online-shops, which are easily preventable. With this 6 simple steps we found out that a website can perform a lot better and gain more attention.

1. Mobile Optimization

57% of HILFMA-users use their smartphone to access the website. The percentage of users who access via desktop is 41.5%. This is no accident and no exception. More and more users access a website using their smartphone. It’s faster, easier and on the go. Therefore, it is very important to design your website for mobile optimization. If users come to your website via…

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People often ask me, how I manage reading so many books while growing my own company and having a busy everyday life. It’s quite simple and I want to share my experience with you.


The first time I really enjoyed reading was five years ago. I read a great novel and I thought “wow, this is how fun reading can be”. Then I moved on to the next one, and the next one, and the next one… Suddenly reading wasn’t that funny anymore for me. …

No moves done without headphones. Stepping out of the office, first thing I do — headphones! Stepping out of my flat — same thing!

Sometimes I catch myself talking to people with my headphones on. I personally hate it when someone is talking to me with his headphones on. It’s disrespecting, like “nah, you’re not that important for me to take my headphones out of my ears”.

When I realized, that I am always, literally always listening to music, I said to myself “let’s try the opposite”. Said and done, that day I left my headphones in the pocket.


Emir Selimovic

Building digital experiences with dotbite | Co-Founder of dotbite

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